Friday, October 3, 2014

Top 10 selling cigarettes in all world

For those who smoke just for the sake of smoking, brand really doesn’t matter. But the real ones, they want elegance even in their brand of cigarettes. So the companies manufacturing these have been striving to upgrade the quality and advertise in a way that appeals gravely to these conscious minds. 

We take a look at some of the brands that have been at the top of the race in the making of quality cigarettes all over the world. This chart shows top 10 best selling cigarettes.

1. Marlboro cigarettes
Marlboro cigarettes

Marlboro cigarettes are maddeningly popular brand of cigarettes, and favorite of every second smoker you may meet. Made by the company Philip Morris, these are the largest selling cigarettes in the world. The main aspect that made it such a success was the advertising. The cowboy ad appealed to the masculine segment of the population to a very large extent.

These elegant cigarettes were however, introduced for women in 1924, and emphasized on its feminine features, which included a red band to hide the lipstick stains from the filter! However, it gained its market among men after 1950, when the cigarettes began to be more generalised in make. 

Marlboro cigarettes provide a completely different smoking experience, because of the strong yet smooth flavour. Philip Morris always targeted the youth through its advertisements and was no doubt immensely successful. Marlboro is a high quality cigarette at a price not to balk at. No wonder the young and old men favor it alike.

2. Mild Seven cigarettes
Mild Seven cigarettes

Mild Seven is a brand of cigarettes produced by Japan Tobacco. Mevius cigarettes are the fifth widest smoked cigarette in the world with 76.5 billion around the world, behind Marlboro and Camel. 

Mild Seven has been a top seller since its launch in 1977 and enjoys leading positions in Asian markets including South Korea and China. They are now also manufactured under license in Switzerland for the growing European Market. The brand is the second largest cigarette brand in the world. Mild Seven is a premium brand and distributed in over 40 countries.

3. L&M cigarettes
L&M cigarettes

L&M cigarette brand was introduced by the Liggett & Myers Company in 1953. Owing to such well-known taste L&M is a confident leader of sales and the favorite among different levels of smokers for more than a century.

 L&M cigarettes are among best sellers on the tobacco market in USA, Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Smokers all over the world admire L&M cigarettes for their high quality, real tobacco flavor and affordable price.

4. Winston cigarettes
Winston cigarettes

Winston cigarettes are manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The cigarettes derive their name from the town in which RJR is based: Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The brand was introduced in 1955, and became the best-selling brand of cigarettes in the United States. If one was asked to describe the qualities of Winston cigarettes brand, one would characterize it as a tobacco product, which possesses great qualities: it is without any additives, has a natural and unforgettable taste.

Winston cigarettes are made in the best American tradition. Americans love these cigarettes because their taste provides the smokers with the real American spirit and dream. So, it is not only the matter of the cigarettes, but of the significance it has.

5. Camel cigarettes
Camel Cigarettes

A product of R.J Reynolds, Camel cigarettes may as well be the most smoked cigarettes, being a high quality smoke at a reasonable price. They developed a flavour of their own using the best of Virginia and Turkish tobacco. The packaging of Camel cigarettes has been quite famous because of their attractive graphic design and catchy quotes, besides the use of Turkish paper in the fashion of Egyptian cigarettes. 

For decades, Camel has been a male-focused cigarette; but R.J.Reynolds began to produce Camel cigarettes aimed for females. Camel No. 9 cigarettes come in a package that is hot-pink with the slogan, "Light and luscious." The new variation, Camel No. 9, has a name that evokes women's fragrances like Chanel No. 19, as well as a song about romance, "Love Potion No. 9." 

Constant modifications in marketing and publicity have kept the sales on high for this brand. One of constituent parts of Camel cigarettes success is a combination of a high quality tobacco and the product's low price.

6. Cleopatra cigarettes
Cleopatra Cigarettes

Cleopatra cigarette brand is the leading product of Egypt-based Eastern Company S.A.E. The brand is selling in almost all African countries, and several Middle East and Asian countries.

7. Derby cigarettes
Derby cigarettes

Brazil’s top-selling brand, Derby, has held this position of leadership since it was launched in 1993, accounting for one out of every three cigarettes sold legally in Brazil. In May 2008, the Brazilian Patents and Trademarks Office (INPI) awarded Derby the highest protection rating given to a brand in Brazil: “High Renown”.

8. Pall Mall cigarettes
Pall Mall cigarettes

Pall Mall cigarettes are a brand manufacturing by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company since 1899 with hope to introduce fashion society with the first "premium" cigarette. In 1907 Pall Mall cigarettes were subjected to some changes in their design - standardization of a cigarette's length and a new way of tobacco packing. Pall Mall brand reached the peak of its popularity in 1960, being the Number One brand of high-class cigs in America. 

Pall Mall is a classic cigarette brand that has been associated with highest quality, unique flavor and style. Moreover, Pall Mall keeps up with modern trends what results in new innovative designs and developments. Pall Mall cigarettes are sold in over 60 countries what makes them one of the most popular tobacco brands around the globe.

9. Kent cigarettes
Kent cigarettes

The brand of cigarettes, named Kent cigarettes, was launched by British American Tobacco in America in 1952. As soon as it was marketed, it gained great popularity despite the cigarettes' light taste. But the taste was changed and there was elaborated a powerful one. These cigarettes satisfy all capricious and demanding smokers. The brand owes its name to Herbert Kent, who was an executive at Lorillard Tobacco Company. Nowadays Kent is a propriety of British American Tobacco group. 

At the period from March 1952 until at least May 1956, the Micronite filter in Kent cigarettes had a form of asbestos. At Present Kent uses charcoal filters (a kind of activated carbon).  

If in the last decades these smoking cigarettes were fabulous among older generation smokers, after re-make, Kent tobacco becomes very well-known among the younger generation. This puffing smoke encourages stylishness and originality. Now, these cigarettes are sold in 70 countries of the world.

10. Gold Flake cigarettes
Gold Flake cigarettes

Gold Flake is an Indian cigarette brand. It is sold in various varieties, including Gold Flake Kings, Gold Flake Kings Lights, Gold Flake and Gold Flake Lights. It is a well-positioned brand in India. This brand is owned, manufactured and marketed by ITC Limited, the leading cigarette maker in India.

The single largest brand in the country in value terms (approx 14% of the US$ 150 million market) is Wills Navy Cut, which was launched in July 1963.

People’s reasons for smoking are as varied as their brands and the tobacco industry is worth an estimated $ 200 billions in US alone, with global revenues estimated to be at least twice as much. Out of these, some tobacco companies have managed to emerge as clear victors and have come to symbolize the very act of smoking itself.


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