Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The story of its success of Marlboro cigarette brand

Marlboro cigarette
 Marlboro cigarettes is number one in the international tobacco market. Marlboro cigarettes quality smoking brand doesn’t raise any doubts and is not subjected to any comparison. Marlboro cigarettes is considered to be the most demanded tobacco product.

Marlboro Cigarettes is of high standing cigarette brand nowadays. Originally it was set forth in 1847 at the London market but soon repositioned in the US and advertised as lady’s cigarettes. That marketing policy failed in a while and Philip Morris focused the Marlboro advertising campaign to male audience and didn’t lose. It became the most spread smoking item among the sterner sex. Who hasn’t heard of Marlboro cowboy, who became identifying sign and well-liked symbol of Marlboro Cigarettes?

Actually Marlboro cigarettes were directed to women. Soon after the brand was manufactured Philip Morris moved to the US and the brand began its road to success under the bright slogan - "Mild as May". Already in 1920-s Marlboro achieved the leading positions at the tobacco market and mostly due to the fact that the choice of female cigarettes at that time was at a low level.

Soon after that the brand disappeared from the market. But after the World War II Marlboro cigarettes appeared again in sale.

This time they were oriented to male smokers and had a beneficial difference from other brands of that time: Marlboro cigarettes had a filter and it also attracted attention to this brand. Besides their taste presented a combination of mildness and brutality, and it was really appreciated by smokers.

Philip Morris, the procreator of these cigarettes, started its enduring advertising parade all over the world. The red cigarette pack was advertised by all possible means starting with billboards, TV ads, till the pages of famous magazines and newspapers.

The continuous inquiry of this smoking tobacco on the world tobacco market is a living proof of the colossal success of these ads.

The successful advertisement was one more step to the promoting of Marlboro brand at the market. A golden standard of these cigarettes was a handsome man who symbolized the strength and was a sign of a real man. It has become an outstanding sign of that time and contributed to the popularity of the cigarettes. Thus, in 1970-s Marlboro was recognized the most sold brand in the Unites States of America. At the same time it became famous all over the world.

Advertising is one thing; still there is another equally important ground of such enormous demands of Marlboro trademark. It is its elite tobacco, irreproachable flavor and inimitable aroma. Namely this attracts so many smokers and the great number of them has selected Marlboro Cigarettes as the favorite cig brand that totally dashes their personality and such qualities as gallantry, manliness, fortitude and other qualities peculiar to a true man. Notwithstanding the fact that Marlboro is an expensive smoking tobacco and this is reasonable, still you can find this product at cut-price in our online discount cigarette shop. You should not overpay for the product which you can purchase it a much lower price at our online cigarettes store. Allocate your expenses rationally due to us.

Nowadays Marlboro cigarettes continue to be the brand known to millions of smokers around the world. The brand offers its users a wide range of tastes, styles and flavors. In spite of its great popularity Marlboro brand keeps developing creating new features and aromas at any taste.


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